Harbour Affair B&W

{May River session with JB Marie Photography}

Imagine living your life in fear of your passions and disenchanted with the idea of pursuing your journey.

Imagine finding your life a constant game of bumper cars into: dead ends; people who discouraged you from becoming who you were; paths you felt you “should” be doing; actions that you knew in your gut were stupid or meaningless.

Imagine, after nearly a decade of a roller coaster of self-discovery, you surrender your need to control and replace it with a big. deep. breath.

Imagine, you find yourself waking up to find your deepest desires coming true – and you realize this is a small step into a new, exciting, terrifying, magical, crazy, and fantastically bewildering new chapter.

Imagine closing your eyes, coming back to that big breath… and when you exhale and open your eyes, you’re hand-in-hand with the one who lights up your heart to new possibilities. You’re surrounded by friends who’ve stood by you in your most exciting as well as most trying times. You’re armed with a fresh new perspective, a capacity for growth, and a sense of exploration. You’ve graduated from the $2.99 Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” to the $7.99 uppity grocery store wine. (It’s on sale, but no one else has to know.)

This is Harbour Affair.


My name is Celia.

My husband, John, is a classic caring-and-patient Virgo who busted his (cute) hiney for years before landing his dream job in our favorite coastal community. We’re high-school sweet-hearts with a passion for sun & sand, a smooth glass of bourbon on the rocks, and a chance to meet new people. We eloped to said coastal community in 2012 after dating for 10 years; and after beginning our new lives as Mr. & Mrs., we strategized a return to the beach to become permanent residents… the infamous “Ten Year Plan” we constantly harassed family and friends about. Little did we know our plan would come to fruition 7 years ahead of schedule.

And we consider ourselves so, so lucky.

Our true king of the castle is our rough & tough 12-year-old Chihuahua, Sean Luca (his street name is “Chalupa”). He’s the wise little fuzzy Buddha of our lives, never taking for granted the sunny beach walk or early morning belly rub.

In mid-2015 after a series of jobs in project coordination and management, I left my 9-to-5 life for a creative pursuit in photography with Celia G Photographie. I had been shooting weddings and portraits for 5 years as the preverbal “side gig” and made steps to go full-time with my business. Lo & behold, John would score his new opportunity within weeks of me taking that leap; so I uprooted my business and am taking steps to reestablish in our new home.

I kept a fairly active blog from the end of my college years through grad school and all the job shifts in between call “Breakfast at Target.” She was a perfect companion for my tough years as a dreaded “20-something,” and I’m grateful for all the thoughts and memories I’ve captured with her. You can still find all the juicy goodness of B@T here.

Aside from building my “photographie” business, my days are full with teaching Pure Barre; training for half-marathons; exploring all our new home has to offer (especially restaurants – we like to EAT); walking my funny pup on the beach; and discovering new ways to get involved in our new coastal community. I have a special passion for issues surrounding the advancement of women and empowering others to pursue their paths.

I also cannot resist wine, goat cheese, and breakfast food. There are few things more powerful to start your day than a buttery, syrup soaked waffle.

This little space on the internet is held to chronicle our new journey on the coast. Expect to find a lot of posts about food, Life, and exploration. Because, really… what else is there?