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i'm celia. Photographer & creative strategist with an obsession for all things lowcountry.

I'm a high energy person who likes finding new, creative ways to say and do things. A believer in seizing opportunities to learn & improve and creating great experiences for everyone involved through support, a sense of possibility, and a solid plan (oh, and a lot of coffee). I say “yes” to anything I know in my heart-of-hearts to be the right choice with zeal and a grateful heart.

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permission to enjoy 

on choosing to embrace the opportunity of enjoying your current "big thing"


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sculpting a life we love

the art of removal, space, and letting go

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"me too"

maybe it'll be a piece in the larger momentum that does ignite a paradigm shift

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Humor, long Saturday morning runs, and cheese plates are my love-language. When I'm not behind the camera, I'm at the Pure Barre Hilton Head studio teaching classes. I love quiet moments with my handsome high-school sweetheart of a husband and spunky rescue pup but I rarely pass up an opportunity to catch a cocktail or long lunch with my beloved friends and trusted colleagues. Gin & Oreos are staples in the Harbour Affair diet. The beach will forever be my happy place.

The best feeling in the world is watching people realize and achieve their potential, because life is short (but I most definitely am not). I believe anyone with a dream and a happy, persevering work ethic deserves the space and support to become who they’re supposed to be. I value hard-work, hopefulness, and the art of enjoying life when things don’t go as expected (hence the gin & Oreos).

I respect the less-than-perfect moments in my personal journey that brought me to people and places I now can’t imagine life without. I honor and love those who pushed me to dream big and set goals into action. I believe the Universe will give you exactly what you need if you ask for it with the truest intentions.

I’m Celia. I support creative small businesses through photography, social media and branding services, and content strategy. I photograph couples with a love of the Lowcountry.  I talk fast, feel big, love hard, and decided long ago that balance is the divine place where letting in happy chaos and letting go of unreasonable expectations meet.

I can’t wait to be friends, Friend.

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