Let’s Taco ’bout Java Burrito: I Love It a Latte

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I’ve lived my life in wonder and search of unexpected pairings; I was the first girl in line for bizarre and unique infusion restaurants and am obsessed with designers who blend radically different vibes into a seamless look. I love when someone discovers these things aren’t just merely complimentary, yet fuse so fantastically in spite of their contrast.


And I found all of that in Java Burrito.


© Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


Those who follow along on Harbour Affair know that Java Burrito is a happy place within my happy place of this blessed little island; it’s where I schedule most of my brainstorming meetings with clients and fellow creatives. The vibe is hip. The coffee is outstanding. And the food… I mean, Y’ALL.


My weekly (okay, maybe every other day…) visits to Java Burrito started early in our arrival to Hilton Head. It was lonely running my business out of our tiny condo. Not having much luck with big chain coffee places, a quick search brought up JB Company. A coffee AND Mexican fusion eatery? SIGN ME UP. I’ve always been a “local coffee shop gal” when it comes to getting work done – the white noise and hustle of the patrons’ busy lives makes me feel connected and oddly focused when it came to remembering what it’s all for. And again, the food (seriously: Y’ALL). Even when I went through some nutrition counseling with a dietician recently and was put on a bizarrely restricted diet for a time, Java Burrito was my little oasis: I could get an approved lunch there without feeling like a weirdo (have I mentioned I’m a sucker for customizable food?). Over time, it became that neighborhood spot I would run into friends, clients, and community leaders – I find myself saying “Hi!!” to someone I know pretty much every time I go these days.


© Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


And the best part?

I don’t feel like a beached whale after a good meal there; the ingredients are fresh and mostly locally sourced. They have unique things to add to your tacos or burritos like zesty diced peaches and rosemary potatoes. And if I’m going to splurge on a fancy coffee beverage, that’s where I go. My recommendation? The Honey Lavender Latte, made with real lavender from France and local honey. Not bad – just perfectly boujee.


The Honey Lavender Latte from Java Burrito || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


As my hiney began to leave an imprint from my frequent visits to Java Burrito, I got to know the employees and the owners there (most who know my invasive questioning know it leaves you no choice). I was weirdly fascinated by Frederika, the hip, savvy blonde behind the magic of Java Burrito (and of course her husband, Michael, too). We’d find ourselves among the other local lady entrepreneur circles and eventually began chatting more and more about #BFGs (“big ‘effing goals”) and young professional/self-employed life on the island. Our stories were eerily similar in how we came to “find” our place here, from seemingly “once in a lifetime” opportunities that horribly fell through (and them turning out to be BIG blessings in disguise) to eloping to a seaside escape to constantly wondering “what DOES this little coastal community need now? 10 years from now?”


Frederika & Michael Fekete of Java Burrito || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


I finally got to schedule a time to chat with Frederika and Michael and talk more about their business practices and what gets them excited to come to work every day. And they are pretty much there EVERY DAY (I know this because I always see them there… and I’m there pretty much… well, you know…). It’s evident that it takes a LOT of work to run a business like this and that it took even more work to get it off the ground (when they started Java Burrito, it was right after the economic downturn). And now, it’s one of the THE local hangouts while also a “must do” for visitors.

What’s their secret?

Happy Hour, anyone? || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


What’s something you’re most proud of?
We are most proud of being able to support local agriculture and local businesses through keeping our farmers close!
Who is someone who has been a big influence on where you are now?
An amazing man that we are so lucky to have in our lives, Alan Wasserstrom. His wealth of knowledge in business and the food and beverage industry is an incredible resource that we are beyond grateful for.
Describe what success means to YOU.
Don’t wait for opportunity, create it! Success is not what you have, but who you are.
What is something you’re really excited about with the store?
Excited for this next chapter of Java Burrito…the staff, the growth, the reputation…there is so much excitement coming our way. Stay tuned!
If your business had a theme song, what would it be?
Spice up your Life -Spice Girls
Describe your perfect day in the Hilton Head-Bluffton area.
Hanging out with our dog, Bouvier. Cooking, gardening, drinking coffee and working out.
What mantra/quote/concept has been most important to your success?
Nothing worth having comes easy. That applies to everything. It’s all in the details.

All the colors of the (healthy!) latte rainbow: Blue Majik, Green Matcha, Tumeric, & Beet Root || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


It’s true – no detail goes unnoticed at Java Burrito. Frederika and Michael are also incredibly humble, always insisting their success is largely due to their rockstar staff and dedicated patrons. The friendly vibes radiate through the little cozy restaurant; and as a lonely new-comer to this island, it was needed so badly at that time. Even moreso now, between the chaos and mile-a-minute pace of life currently, knowing I can pump the breaks and get a fresh lunch (or breakfast… or dinner.. or #alloftheabove) with an authentically friendly smile has become so important. Indeed, it’s a big reason I constantly run into friends and make new ones. Okay, and the food is a serious plus.


So, I welcome one and all to come enjoy the comfort, wonder, and deliciousness that is Java Burrito.
Because coffee, margs, tacos, and wifi are all we really need in life, right?


This bag is TOTES adorbs… and can hold approximately 32 tacos. || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie

See y’all there, fools. Literally.

Hugs & High Fives,


{Visit Java Burrito at Village at Wexford and check out their Instagram for the latest news on new concoctions.}


UPDATE: Check out this article in the Island Packet where “Best Things South Carolina named Java Burrito the #1 place to get a margarita?
I must say, I whole-heartedly agree; happy hour just got a little more special, y’all.

Cheers! || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie

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