A Time to Reflect | End of Summer Musings (and JORD Watch review!)


It seems like the constant conversations I’ve had as of late circle around the fact that summer is basically coming to a hard and fast close. And no one is digging it. I get the sense that it’s less about saying “goodbye” to the carefree summer days, but more the realization that it was anything but… like the ultimate “Sunday scary,” that you’ve done everything and nothing and now that looming “back to the grind/struggle/monotony/busyness” is evermore present. It’s a feeling that’s both inexplicably jarring yet all too familiar… and this go round had me wondering, “WHY do I keep finding myself HERE?

I realize the quest for a life that feels full yet simple has been a reoccurring theme here on Harbour Affair (with its humble beginnings rooted in my early blog, Breakfast at Target). Embarrassingly, I haven’t made much headway in all these years, and these lessons have had to present themselves repeatedly. While there are some external variables that complicate that quest, ultimately I’m the only one responsible for where my life is heading – both in the big, slow moving string of events to the small, heavy-hitting moments.

In taking a big step back earlier in the year and looking at Harbour Affair’s mission and how it ties in with my “sister-frand” brand Celia G Photographie, I realized I was doing far too many things and trying to please (or appease, as the case may be) too many people. At the end of the day, while grateful for the opportunities, I realized I was trying to push Harbour Affair/CGP into a brand identity that others envisioned. On the flipside, exploring these prospects introduced to or further enhanced relationships with brands, businesses, and opportunities that did strike a chord with my little blonde heart… and I got really excited when the connections AND the products totally just worked.

It also got me thinking about what’s important to me as a consumer, and how can I more appropriately align myself with like-minded folks?

Enter Nick with JORD, a watch company that specializes in luxury wooden timepieces. We met – where else? – through the internet machine. I was so impressed with JORD’s social media campaign, their quality of influencers, and their presentation of the watches themselves… seriously, how do they pull it all off? Always the ever curious consumer, I asked a million questions before pulling the trigger. Nick got back to me in record time (ha! watch pun!) stating the following:

“We believe that watches can be more than something that just tells time, but an intricate, beautiful, functional piece of a wardrobe. We focus a lot on Sustainability. A great majority of the wood we use comes from furniture remnants. It takes very small pieces for us to create the cases and individual links so we are able to utilize what would otherwise end up in a waste cycle. Both Bamboo and the Maple we source is completely sustainable, and as is expected in the industry – all of our Koa comes from damaged trees or trees that were brought down by a natural weather event.

Moreover, we concentrate on Environmental safeguards as well. All of our watches are treated with natural substances, no hazardous chemicals. Not only for the sake of the environment, but for those who work on the watches. The watches are conditioned with natural tung oil. That’s it!”

You guys, the experience from the time I ordered the watch (I got the Reese Zebrawood & Emerald) to putting it on for the first time truly did feel luxurious. The box is displayed in – what else? – a beautiful wooden box that feels solid and smooth. There is a teeny little drawer in the box with cleaning accessories and even comes with an oil applicator to keep it conditioned and vibrant. The watch itself feels soft and light, kind of surprising for such a solidly crafted piece.

The best part about the JORD watch is how well it pairs with a range of coastal inspired looks (which thank the son of Neptune I have such great help in that department because #ididnotwakeuplikethis). It’s an easy statement piece for a night of rosé with the girls or a beach brunch with my handsome fella. Not surprisingly is the number of compliments I get when people notice it. And believe-you-me, they notice it. Functionally, the clasp is quick to put on (which is great for folks like me to struggle to put on barre pants not-inside out) and feels secure – and speaking of barre, I put it to the sweat test: while I wouldn’t go for a run in it, it stood up to an hour of shaking & tucking without feeling heavy or slimy. And I also think it’s made for less-than-graceful people such as myself because even after bumping into things and carrying heavy loads this weekend INTO OUR NEW HOUSE (more pics/post to come on that), it doesn’t have a single scratch.

Most importantly, I appreciated there was a real person on the other line I could ask a multitude of (dumb/overly curious) questions to and feel like they put some love behind the whole experience of the product. Being a part of the direct-to-consumer/e-commerce marketplace, it’s priced reasonably and shipped quickly. I even got follow-up making sure everything arrived safely and was as expected.

AND did you know you can get the watch AND the box customized with engraving for a special touch? Just reminding you all the holidays are basically around the corner…

Pssssst… I should mention these watches are hardly exclusive to the ladies.
Gentlemen, there are stunning pieces juuusssst for YOU.


As I’ve gotten into more introspective questions and thoughts around where Harbour Affair is going next, the words “quality” and “sustainable” keep coming to mind. Exploring JORD’s products and connecting with their brand made giving the watch a try an easy and well-intentioned choice. And as my curiosity (read: obnoxiousness) must’ve left an impression, JORD asked about teaming up to make one of YOU lucky readers a winner (although you already were in my eyes). That’s right, friends! JORD is giving away $100 gift card to – who else? – one of YOU and they’re making it crazy easy to do so. Click the link here or in my ‘gram profile and fill out the form. Ah-that’s-it. Bonus? Literally everyone who enters wins a “prize” of $25 towards one of their products. I mean, c’mon you guys; you don’t even win prizes out of cereal boxes anymore.
(But hurry, giveaway ends Aug 27, 2017.)

So, while I haven’t nailed the “simple fullness” I had hoped this summer would offer, I have taken the opportunity while swirling in the chaos to explore more what that means… and, hopefully, start taking steps to quit asking myself “how I got here” and just BE here to appreciate what went into making it all happen. And I am grateful for the people who meet along the way who encourage along the way.

What’s next for Harbour Affair?
Only time will tell, my friends (get it…? “time”…? JORD watch post…? heh?!).

… hugs & high fives,



End Note: A big crazy magical from-the-bottom-of-my-heart THANK YOU to Whitney of W Photography who came in on the assist with shooting and styling these photos. Team work really does make the dream work, people.

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