I’ve lived my life in wonder and search of unexpected pairings; I was the first girl in line for bizarre and unique infusion restaurants and am obsessed with designers who blend radically different vibes into a seamless look. I love when someone discovers these things aren’t just merely complimentary, yet fuse so fantastically in spite of their contrast.


And I found all of that in Java Burrito.


© Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


Those who follow along on Harbour Affair know that Java Burrito is a happy place within my happy place of this blessed little island; it’s where I schedule most of my brainstorming meetings with clients and fellow creatives. The vibe is hip. The coffee is outstanding. And the food… I mean, Y’ALL.


My weekly (okay, maybe every other day…) visits to Java Burrito started early in our arrival to Hilton Head. It was lonely running my business out of our tiny condo. Not having much luck with big chain coffee places, a quick search brought up JB Company. A coffee AND Mexican fusion eatery? SIGN ME UP. I’ve always been a “local coffee shop gal” when it comes to getting work done – the white noise and hustle of the patrons’ busy lives makes me feel connected and oddly focused when it came to remembering what it’s all for. And again, the food (seriously: Y’ALL). Even when I went through some nutrition counseling with a dietician recently and was put on a bizarrely restricted diet for a time, Java Burrito was my little oasis: I could get an approved lunch there without feeling like a weirdo (have I mentioned I’m a sucker for customizable food?). Over time, it became that neighborhood spot I would run into friends, clients, and community leaders – I find myself saying “Hi!!” to someone I know pretty much every time I go these days.


© Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


And the best part?

I don’t feel like a beached whale after a good meal there; the ingredients are fresh and mostly locally sourced. They have unique things to add to your tacos or burritos like zesty diced peaches and rosemary potatoes. And if I’m going to splurge on a fancy coffee beverage, that’s where I go. My recommendation? The Honey Lavender Latte, made with real lavender from France and local honey. Not bad – just perfectly boujee.


The Honey Lavender Latte from Java Burrito || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


As my hiney began to leave an imprint from my frequent visits to Java Burrito, I got to know the employees and the owners there (most who know my invasive questioning know it leaves you no choice). I was weirdly fascinated by Frederika, the hip, savvy blonde behind the magic of Java Burrito (and of course her husband, Michael, too). We’d find ourselves among the other local lady entrepreneur circles and eventually began chatting more and more about #BFGs (“big ‘effing goals”) and young professional/self-employed life on the island. Our stories were eerily similar in how we came to “find” our place here, from seemingly “once in a lifetime” opportunities that horribly fell through (and them turning out to be BIG blessings in disguise) to eloping to a seaside escape to constantly wondering “what DOES this little coastal community need now? 10 years from now?”


Frederika & Michael Fekete of Java Burrito || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


I finally got to schedule a time to chat with Frederika and Michael and talk more about their business practices and what gets them excited to come to work every day. And they are pretty much there EVERY DAY (I know this because I always see them there… and I’m there pretty much… well, you know…). It’s evident that it takes a LOT of work to run a business like this and that it took even more work to get it off the ground (when they started Java Burrito, it was right after the economic downturn). And now, it’s one of the THE local hangouts while also a “must do” for visitors.

What’s their secret?

Happy Hour, anyone? || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


What’s something you’re most proud of?
We are most proud of being able to support local agriculture and local businesses through keeping our farmers close!
Who is someone who has been a big influence on where you are now?
An amazing man that we are so lucky to have in our lives, Alan Wasserstrom. His wealth of knowledge in business and the food and beverage industry is an incredible resource that we are beyond grateful for.
Describe what success means to YOU.
Don’t wait for opportunity, create it! Success is not what you have, but who you are.
What is something you’re really excited about with the store?
Excited for this next chapter of Java Burrito…the staff, the growth, the reputation…there is so much excitement coming our way. Stay tuned!
If your business had a theme song, what would it be?
Spice up your Life -Spice Girls
Describe your perfect day in the Hilton Head-Bluffton area.
Hanging out with our dog, Bouvier. Cooking, gardening, drinking coffee and working out.
What mantra/quote/concept has been most important to your success?
Nothing worth having comes easy. That applies to everything. It’s all in the details.

All the colors of the (healthy!) latte rainbow: Blue Majik, Green Matcha, Tumeric, & Beet Root || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


It’s true – no detail goes unnoticed at Java Burrito. Frederika and Michael are also incredibly humble, always insisting their success is largely due to their rockstar staff and dedicated patrons. The friendly vibes radiate through the little cozy restaurant; and as a lonely new-comer to this island, it was needed so badly at that time. Even moreso now, between the chaos and mile-a-minute pace of life currently, knowing I can pump the breaks and get a fresh lunch (or breakfast… or dinner.. or #alloftheabove) with an authentically friendly smile has become so important. Indeed, it’s a big reason I constantly run into friends and make new ones. Okay, and the food is a serious plus.


So, I welcome one and all to come enjoy the comfort, wonder, and deliciousness that is Java Burrito.
Because coffee, margs, tacos, and wifi are all we really need in life, right?


This bag is TOTES adorbs… and can hold approximately 32 tacos. || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie

See y’all there, fools. Literally.

Hugs & High Fives,


{Visit Java Burrito at Village at Wexford and check out their Instagram for the latest news on new concoctions.}


UPDATE: Check out this article in the Island Packet where “Best Things South Carolina named Java Burrito the #1 place to get a margarita?
I must say, I whole-heartedly agree; happy hour just got a little more special, y’all.

Cheers! || © Harbour Affair Productions / Celia G Photographie


I’m running my 6th half-marathon this Saturday.
(One of my future CGP brides pointed out that means I’ll have basically run 3 marathons; I’m not arguing that logic.)

Training this go-round has not gone well.

A busier-than-expected summer meant less available time to train, despite my recurring 5am wake-up calls. The miserable humidity was like breathing through a wet comforter, the undercurrent of stale heat causing my skin to sting. There were times after only 4-5 miles my muscles would shake and cramp so violently I was scared I couldn’t make it back. I’ve been attacked by bugs the size of kittens; there is a whole other dimension of disgusting when you blend deet and sweat, and I hope you all never have to experience it.

For the Type A, perfectionist, goal-oriented gal that I am, it’s been all too disheartening. The words “What’s the point?” glaring in the distance like a neon sign on a sad street corner.

Couple that with a summer full of business and personal screw-ups, “yes’s” that should’ve been “no’s,” things I had gotten excited about falling through, and LOTS of learning things the hard way, the Doubt Monster has been closing in on what confidence I had left. As his shadow grew bigger over my shoulder, I found myself feeling exhausted. Heavy. Irritable but ironically apathetic. His presence made me feel like I’ve been kidding myself all along; and worse, that maybe I fooled a few of you into believing I live in this magical rainbow-and-margarita-filled bubble of fortitude and goal-crushing.

Truth: I live in a small, messy-ish condo with paper and LaCroix cans scattered across my non-Instagram worthy desk; and any day I wash/fold/put-away laundry in the same day I feel like I deserve a freakin gold medal (can’t resist a timely Olympic reference).

I decided to get in one last conditioning 5-miler over the bridge this morning; at 5:30am, the weather was already 88 degrees with a 92% humidity. Remembering I’ll be in dreamy West Coast Canadian weather in a couple of days, I schlepped my groggy behind into the morning darkness to gruel it out.

Having my usual disparaging run over the bridge, I made the loop and headed back towards the bridge to go up and over the final time of the route. You see, the bridge is not an even bell-curve on both sides: on the way over the first half, it’s a long and slow incline with a sharp, steep drop on the way down. And – you guessed it – on the return half, it’s a beast of vertical hell to get back up. In the 10 months of running this route, even on my best runs, I’ve always had to stop or slow WAY down to climb it.

The Hill - Harbour Affair

(previously captured iPhone shot of the bridge for reference)

Approaching the bridge, I prepared for the usual gut-wrenches and shortened breath. I took a few more strides and then a few more; I suddenly realized I didn’t feel the need to slow down. As my music swirled between my ears, my breathing instead caught a fluid rhythm. Then, a weird pushing sensation, followed by a bizarre sense of weightlessness and surmounting momentum that stemmed from my gut. It’s like that feeling that you think you’re way behind and you look up to see you’re actually in the lead with the finish line finally within sight.

I was racing the ghosts of all my previous doubts.

I pushed and climbed and bellowed a throaty AAAGGGHH! all the way to the top.

The hill had been conquered.

And I got a lot of help from the graces I’ve always held from within, a little chorus of cheers echoing in that space between my head and heart.

And what lay before me was the long downhill stretch sending me into the final mile-and-a-half of the run, a light breeze quickly picking up off the marsh. With force of energy I had channelled from the uphill, I unleashed it on the way down. I flew. I expanded. I smiled and wailed in girlish delight like there was cake at the bottom of the hill.

For a brief moment, I had outrun my demons.

The Doubt Monster’s shadow grew smaller, right as the sun peaked through the cloudy morning sky.

In my hazy, sweaty cool-down walk through the condo parking lot, the neon sign’s words had changed to “patience,” “trust,” and the word that got lost in the shuffle of the last few months, “joy.”


The Doubt Monster; the Comparison Beast; the Voices of Reason, Caution, and Self-Degradation; the Furry of Fear; the Anxious Spirits and Gremlins of Apathy.

They’re all real. And loud. And scary. And will never be truly be vanquished. There is no emotional Ghost Busters team that can trap them in little boxes.

But, oh, how you are armed with an internal Marry Poppins bag of tools to help you navigate the scary journey to you. And the only way to find them is to find the quiet.

Whether it’s on your yoga mat in a peaceful studio, getting lost in the details of a creative project, or dragging your behind up a steep hill, that’s where they show up. The forces and experiences that make us feel less than ourselves are there to help us discover – or in some cases, rediscover – the things to overcome them. The moments of where we give ourselves the permission to feel and breath into them is truly a connection with the divine.

These abilities, graces, and tools are not bestowed on a select few. Each of us are endowed with a unique set.

But some of us will have to work a little harder to find them and sustain them.
Which is why the Universe gave us wine.

From there, that’s where the real journey begins: Figuring out how to share them with the World, bringing them to life and creating waves of goodness and magic.

So take the hill, friends. Take it slow, take it sweaty and huffing the whole way. Life is not a flat, clear horizon.

But there is an exhilarating, breezy downhill sprint into the sunrise waiting for you at the top.

It’s worth it. And so are you, Friend.

Hugs & High Fives,



Being a resident of a quaint Lowcountry community is like having a constant tribe of BFFs. I have yet to meet a “stranger.” The perpetual invitation to happy hour and lunch dates and coffee chats is a welcome addition to my calendar; and a welcome distraction from staring at my computer screen in barre pants.

Enter a new friend who I met through a local women’s organization; she was stylish and sweet and a true local to Hilton Head, having spent her life growing up on the island. Reverting back to my 2nd grade playground self, I basically went up to her and asked, “Do you want to be my friend?” She obliged with a big HECK YES! kind of smile and invited me to lunch. A new gal pal AND lunch?! These are the things that make my heart siiiing.

She invited me to one of her favorite spots in Coligny Plaza. I begrudgingly agreed to meet there. Why would she pick such a wacky touristy area? I thought. I’ve maybe been to the Coligny area once or twice for random errands; but even when we vacationed here all those summers, it really wasn’t on our list of “Must Do” things in Hilton Head. I had envisioned a hot bed of neon air-brushed muscle-shirt and fanny-pack clad tourists shopping for tacky knick-knacks. She insisted it was one of her favorite places and I’d been missing out, so I went for it.

We meet at Market Street Cafe (their drink menu is listed front page of the menu – I already liked this place) and she shows up in the cutest social media starlet worthy outfit… I show up “yoga pants chic” from my morning at the barre studio. She greets me with a big hug and immediately suggests we order the hummus plate to start (where HAS she been all my life?), and we chat away about the island: its magic, its wonder, its potential. After stuffing my face with THE best gyro I’ve had in a long time (I should’ve been more ladylike and gotten the Greek salad, but: #eatallthetzatziki), she invites me to join her on a quick post-lunch trip to a few stores in the plaza… in my gyro + hummus euphoria, I trot behind her and am blown away… GEEZ. There ARE some nice things around here.

While I got a small taste of Coligny’s finer side then, I came back a while later when I had some time to kill between meetings (and maybe I had a generous tip from a fabulous wedding client burning a hole in my pocket). So I spent an afternoon perusing the boutiques and specialty shoppes, totally enamoured with their charm, their gracious and friendly staff members, and their unpretentious allure of Hilton Head. Having never set foot in these stores before, I felt like I was greeted by an old friend; I was relaxed and free to wander and touch and explore their wares. With the last few weeks being total chaos, the couple of hours of uninterrupted retail therapy was perfection.

And because keeping my newfound favorite #treatyoself oasis to myself is just cruel, I have to share my recent finds:


Island Girl


When describing Island Girl, I feel like I’m pulling a Stefon from SNL (“It has EVERYthing…”): super cute, super casual, super dressy, super trendy… I could easy get an outfit for a fitness walk on the beach to a date night get-up for Hilton Head’s finest, but what really struck me was their jewelry. I’d heard of Waxing Poetic but never seen it in person, and I loved the selection and detail of their collection. Choosing either a bracelet or necklace, you “build” your charm story – and each little charm has it’s own meaning. One of the ladies showed me her beautiful necklace and shared her story behind her charms; what a GREAT gift idea to get one started and add pieces over time!


I also really loved that they carried The Giving Keys pieces, a special collection that supports individuals and families affected by poverty and homelessness by providing resources and training for them to improve their lives and become self-sufficient (want a ‘feel good’ moment? watch this video). While the store has more bright and trendy brands, I was really moved to see Island Girl had prominently featured more unique and special pieces that carry some heart to it.

Quiet Storm


Don’t let their digital presence fool you; I shied away from this store because I was NOT interested in a “duuuuuuude” store… what business did I have going into a surfer/biker shop? While, yes, a portion of the store has that West Coast cool going on, there’s a bigger portion of the store with eclectic and bright gear for a day at the beach or a nautical soiree (yes, for ladies, too!). I was impressed by their selection of designer duds for men – their Vineyard Vines selection was HUGE. As my husband’s birthday is approaching and he’s trading in his city suits for a more relaxed, coastal casual, I had a field day going up to random shoppers, “HEY, which of these do you like?!” They were no help. Because they liked them all. (Me, too.)

Traveling Chic Boutique


I’m a regular stalker on TCB’s Instagram account; but, embarrassingly, I didn’t make an effort to go in there because – again – the whole “Coligny’s a tourist trap” attitude. Now I have a new reason to not go in there: I was about to empty my entire bank account buying up their store. I love love LOVED their selection of sundresses (when I’m not in barre/yoga gear I live in sundresses and maxis). These Yumi Kim dresses were featured on their social media recently and were even more stunning in person (the material is made of clouds and happy tears of baby angels, I swear). I stood staring at these dresses, imagining a romantic date night with my dashing fellow or fancy brunch date with the ladies… but let’s get real, I’d happiest wearing this while stuffing a Market Street Cafe gyro in my face.


Y’all! Francesca’s is the best! The ladies working their are just the nicest, and it smells so good and their appearance is warm and inviting. I love all their super cute clothing pieces, their quirky little gifts, their darling shoes – but their statement necklaces are where it’s at. They totally nail their layering with the displays and I want. them. ALL. I love the blend of natural wood and fibers with cool metals. Bonus – you can mix and match!



Okay – Desigual is kiiiiind of my new favorite thing. Thank’s to Bennali’s. They carry a wide range of beach and outdoor gear for guys and gals. Their range of high quality, sturdy brands is fantastic – and having never heard of Desigual, I was in love with their bright patterns and functional design. I mean, look at these sneaks!  Bennali’s is one of the few stores in the area who carry Desigual, and they had tons of fabulous pieces there.


My favorite thing in there, though? KEENS! Glorious Keen shoes! Oh man, how they’ve grown up their styles – a far cry from their glory days when I was in high school (which will always have a place in my nostalgic little heart), I slipped these bad boys on… they were understated and comfy and totally super cute. For someone with crummy runner’s feet like myself, these were a dream.


And for good measure, I had to let y’all know they have THE best summer hat selection. This Tommy Bahama hat would be a perfect gift for dapper fella in your life.

Blue Moon

Coligny Plaza Hilton Head

This store was the cutest – lots of novelty tops and super affordable trendy items like sandals, summery shorts, and sundresses. But my favorite thing about Blue Moon was their selection of quirky, sassy tank tops. I’d totally pair these with my favorite barre leggings for teaching or taking class. (Pssst… and tanks range from $17-20!)

Jamaican Me Crazy


My car was parked not too far from this place, so I figured it was worth a look before I headed out for the afternoon. I’m so glad I went in. The girls who worked for there were chatty and friendly. The owner was the nicest, most helpful person I had ever met. There was a fun selection of Hilton Head gear, funky art pieces, and more upscale casual clothing. Immediately I was drawn to these wristlets and messenger bags by Sloane Ranger, and the owner said they were a great company and an insanely popular brand in their store. Their patterns were so stinking cute. And get THIS: Their wristlets hold your phone – like there’s a separate middle pocket designed exactly for that. Yes, even us big boy iPhone 6 Plus users!

Fresh Produce


Y’all, I love summer, I do… but after a long, busy, wacky summer here on the island, I’m craving that back-to-school time of year (sorry, kiddos). While I’m long out of the academic game, I still have a weird obsession with school supply shopping… These Vera Bradley planners and pens and covers were just too much fun. And I was wondering if I could get away with using a VB backpack as a camera bag for sessions and wedding season. Seriously, is that weird?


And because my sweet little niece just turned 1 year old and all my friends are bringing the most squishy faced babes into this world, I was thrilled to see their CUTE baby/toddler collections with option to monogram pieces. While John and I are far from making these purchases for ourselves anytime soon, I can enjoy their adorableness on behalf of others in the meantime.

And there you have it, folks. Just when I thought our little island community couldn’t get any cooler, I’m thrilled to have another recommendation to add to my ever growing list of favorite places in Hilton Head. And be warned – you come for a visit, I’m probably taking you there to explore again with me. No fanny packs required.

Hugs & High Fives,




Many many moons ago, I stumbled on this quote (where else? Pinterest, of course):

Harbour Affair | Never Apologize for Your Enthusiasm

For years I’ve struggled with a loud voice.

Squealing when I hear there’s a chance of a margarita or ice cream in near future.

Losing my mind when an it’s-so-fluffehhh! dog crosses my path.

Feeling so very, very proud when a long time fitness client does something they didn’t think possible when they walked through the door months ago.

Having my mind blown when I set-up the literally picture perfect shot with my families and couples, drenched in that juicy evening light with perfect expressions.

Hugging the fool out of someone I so truly love, even if I saw them the day before.

Shouting “I. am. SO. EXCITED!” on the phone with my brides when we’re running through their wedding day timeline.

Being “that girl” in a 6:00am workout who blurts I LOVE THIS SONG!

As much as I’ve been tormented with the sharp, gut-wrenching pain of rejection, depression, perfectionism, and need for appreciation and acceptance, I’ve also felt the other side of life just as strongly. And sometimes? I think I’ll never make sense to those who can’t understand how finding a perfectly formed, colorful shell on the beach could warrant the girlish, overflowing jubilation of Christmas morning.

And for a long time, I’ve practiced suppressing it. Hiding it. Playing it so ‘effing cool when deep down I want to run a lap around the building flailing with Muppet arms when I get the tiniest victory or piece of good, happy, enchanting news (amplify this by, like, 1000 if it’s for the people special in my life).

I’m not sure I actually classify myself as an “extrovert.” And I wouldn’t say I’m the most positive or happy-go-lucky person.

But sh*t if I don’t get really overjoyed when I find that extra cookie from lunch I forgot I stashed in my bag.

For a long time, I apologized for it.

So many “Sorry’s!” when my voice raises a few (okay, several) decibels and my smile stretches to the farthest corners of my (so round) face and I shout, “Are. you. SERIOUS?! C’mere and GIMME A HIIIGH FIVE!”

The hugs I tell myself were stupidly inappropriate.

The conversations with perfectly random strangers in check-out lines over an obvious shared love of a product I regret because I’m sure they think I don’t get out much.

It’s a bizarre feeling to experience everything so big, so intensely, and wanting so badly to keep it tightly wrapped in an unassuming box for fear of your overly animated reaction to the simplest things in life will brand you the eternal freak.

 Trust me. I’m often annoyed by myself. #calmdownCelia

But then again, in a world where things sometimes feel so vapid and bleak, can’t a healthy dose of enthusiasm be channeled into something bigger? Or, at least, make the seemingly small feel big? Why can’t we celebrate the little joys a little more?

The truth is, hiding my personality behind a muted, “grown-up” disposition left me often in places where I felt, well, out of place. I was bored and miserable and often more sedentary (or sober – context permitting) than I ever wanted to be. Disconnected from the people or the cause I felt the “mature” (pronounced “mAH-tur”) Celia needed to be a part of for sake of a resume or networking or public appearances. WORSE, I gave people who chose to be unhappy and negative the space to stay in their womp-womp sorts, feeling guilty when I tried to share any good or joyful news or thoughts… I, instead, stayed at their level, choosing topics of conversation that only allowed for spiteful, judgemental, or depressing discourse. It’s so true: Misery loves company.

But Joy does, too.

When I surrounded myself with people who made efforts – large and small – to keep their fires lit; who stayed curious and fascinated by the awesome and mundane; who opened their minds to the “other side”; who remained compassionate and happy in spite of experiencing tragedy or loss; who saw beauty and comfort in the ornate and the everyday; who, too, wanted to feel life at both ends of the spectrum and perfectly in the middle in their deepest sense… that’s when I took the shackles off my wildly enthusiastic heart (and mouth) and let “C” find what makes her tick. And, hopefully, what that’s supposed to do for the world.

For those of you who have given me the space to feel #allthefeelings, who don’t judge (too much) my overly animated personality, and who get excited with me – you’re on the path for sainthood, and I thank you.

To my friends who also experience feelings bigger than yourself, a squealy loud voice, and/or the need to see, feel, and experience it all… the world needs you.

Never apologize for your enthusiasm.

Hugs & High Fives,


JB Marie Photography

Photo by the ever talented Jennifer of JB Marie Photography


Welcome to Harbour Affair

Imagine living your life plagued by ignoring your passions, disenchanted with the idea of pursuing your journey, and crippled by your inability to truly connect with people for fear of being disappointed or let down.

Imagine finding your life a constant game of bumper cars into: dead ends; people who discouraged you from becoming who you were; paths you felt you “should” be doing; actions that you knew in your gut were stupid or meaningless. A life driven by fear, need for approval, and paralyzing fear of the unknown.

Imagine, after nearly a decade of a roller coaster ride of self-discovery, you surrender your need to control, you let people into your inner ring of acceptance with a vulnerability and humor, and replace that twisted, yucky part of your soul with a big. deep. breath.

Imagine, you find yourself looking up to find your deepest desires of your being coming true – and you realize this is a small step into a new, exciting, terrifying, magical, crazy, and fantastically bewildering new chapter.

Imagine closing your eyes, coming back to that big breath… and when you exhale and open your eyes, you’re hand-in-hand with the one who lights up your heart to new possibilities. You’re surrounded by family & friends who’ve stood by you in your most exciting as well as most trying times. You’re armed with a fresh new perspective, a capacity for growth, and a sense of exploration and purpose. You’ve graduated from the $2.99 Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” to the $7.99 uppity grocery store wine. (It’s on sale, but no one else has to know.) You have no idea what lay ahead… and instead of fear, avoidance, and scared, angry thoughts, you open your weird, waffle-loving heart to that new world of possibility.

This is Harbour Affair.

She’s an extension of her “big sister,” the one who started it all: Breakfast at Target. She’s the new space on the internet to share new, magical gift of a chapter as John and I navigate the new waters of our new home on the Lowcountry coast. (Pun may or may not have been intended – the choice is yours, friend.)

She’s not a space necessarily for fashion or frills or how-to’s, but she is open to that exploration should this new chapter decide. She’ll continue to be the voice capturing thoughts and conversations and special times/places/moments; she’s just got a new saltwater spin.

And we’re excited you’re here.

To those of you joining for the first time, we welcome you – and thanks for joining in.

For those who’ve been with us since those early, bizarre Breakfast at Target posts of my early “20-something” youth, you deserve a special thank you for sticking with us.

Stay tuned, friends.

Stay tuned.


Hugs & High Fives,